StepsWeb for your Whole Class

    This webinar is intended to show how StepsWeb can provide a research-proven, structured literacy progression for whole-class or whole-school use in primary and intermediate schools.
    60min | Mar 26th 2024 | 3:30PM NZDT | 1:30PM AEDT
    Webinar – StepsWeb for your Whole Class or Whole School
    Presented by Ros Lugg

    The webinar will focus on how StepsWeb directly supports both the literacy curriculum and the broader English curriculum and how it can work across a whole school, from your New Entrants in primary schools up to your Year 8s in intermediates.  StepsWeb is an effective and appropriate resource for high school use as well, but as requirements and organisational aspects differ significantly, this will be covered in more detail in a separate webinar.  However, the broad principles are the same and high school English and literacy teachers are welcome to join this webinar.

    This webinar will cover:

    • How StepsWeb can provide a literacy progression which runs right through your school.  No more planning your spelling programme – or doing spelling tests!
    • The automatic individualized revision and reinforcement provided for each learner.
    • Accessing and using the detailed diagnostic information about students.
    • Using StepsWeb for genuine inclusion – how all learners, from high-need to extension students follow the same progression at their own level.
    • The facility for teachers to easily create their own materials to reinforce any subject or topic area.
    • Using StepsWeb as an integral part of your broader literacy and English programme, including comprehension and vocabulary development.
    • An overview of how StepsWeb caters for new entrants, ESOL students and neurodiverse students.

    Ros Lugg

    Ros is a leading NZ literacy and dyslexia specialist with extensive experience as a teacher trainer and conference presenter internationally. As well as being a qualified assessor, who has done over 3,000 full cognitive/educational assessments of all ages, she wrote the educational content of StepsWeb and its supporting resources. StepsWeb is now being used in over 1,200 schools.

    Ros also has the experience of being both mother and grandmother of dyslexics, which has given her a personal passion for supporting families, schools and of course learners themselves.