Home Schooling


StepsWeb is an ideal resource for home schoolers. It provides you with a structured, evidence-based way of supporting your child’s literacy progress – in a variety of effective and enjoyable ways.

As well as extensive online activities, StepsWeb will provide you with a huge range of printables and supporting workbooks.

You can even use StepsWeb to create your own worksheets and games on any topic or subject – even in other languages!

Suitable for extension and remedial learners - every learner works at his/her own level and speed.

“Wow, StepsWeb is awesome! Our son has just been diagnosed with severe dyslexia, this is the first programme I have seen that seems to really get how dyslexics think and what they need. So helpful to have things like days of the week and the memory training. Well done, and thank you!”

Claire Wards, Parent


Structured Literacy Course

The Course provides you with a structured, cumulative literacy progression, which covers all the key elements needed for effective literacy teaching.

There is an initial Placement Test, which analyses your child’s literacy knowledge and puts them on the right level of this course.

Your child will then automatically progress through each level, developing the core skills needed for:

  • Reading and spelling.
  • Comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Phonic knowledge and skills.

Your report page will show you percentage accuracy for each of the above areas, plus detailed logs and test results.

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Individual Spelling Lists

There are hundreds of individual lists on StepsWeb, covering a wide variety of areas:

  • Spelling Patterns and Rules.
  • Word Study and Grammar.
  • High Frequency and Tricky Words.
  • Homophones.
  • Everyday Topics.

You can also quickly and easily make and record your own lists – with words, sentences, definitions and even images. A great way to introduce and reinforce topics!

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Creating your own lists

Students or their parents can create personal lists for that student. These will only be seen by that user.

Lists could include:

  • Class spelling lists.
  • Tricky words from that student’s writing.
  • Topic vocabulary or subject words.
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Supporting Activities and Resources

Course Workbooks are available, but you can also download and print out a huge range of free supporting resources, including:

  • Handwriting practice.
  • Definitions and clues, crosswords and sentence practice.
  • Wordsearch with cloze exercise.
  • Game materials.