StepsWeb for the Whole School
StepsWeb for the Whole School


Three happy school students of different ages with StepsWeb gold medals

A Whole School Literacy Solution

Reduce your teachers’ workload!

More and more schools are using StepsWeb as a core literacy programme for every learner.  The Course on StepsWeb can completely replace your spelling programme, providing a structured literacy progression for the whole school and enabling every learner to progress at their own speed and level. 

StepsWeb automatically does the hard work for you. No more weekly spelling tests - and detailed diagnostic information about every student at the click of a button. 

StepsWeb even analyses each student’s errors and regularly creates individualized reinforcement – online and printable. 

Trusted by educators

Gillian D. (Teacher)

"StepsWeb are really responsive to customer queries and present a dynamic product that caters well for NZ student needs. It aligns well with the NZ Curriculum, is engaging for students without losing integrity of intent.
I love that there is room to tailor the programme to meet needs while also being able to rely on it running itself."
Sue Bennett, (Principal)

"StepsWeb has brought a new air of excitement for learning and achievement to our school, in the area of spelling and reading especially.

In one year it has already made a noticeable difference to our learners, particularly those who have struggled throughout Primary School in the area of literacy."
Tracey F. (Teacher)

"I am very impressed with the progress my students are experiencing as a result of using StepWeb as a classroom resource.

As a teacher, I appreciate the individuality of the lessons and how they are tailored to my student's needs, the structure of the lessons, how they build on previous knowledge, and the level of mastery required for a student to move on."

- From Trustpilot

Follow an adaptive, systematic progression

The Course goes from the very beginnings of literacy to a level which would challenge most high-school learners.

With a strong emphasis on building comprehension at every level, the structured, logical Course is suitable as a core literacy progression for schools. Every learner in the class can work at their own level - with continuity from one year to the next. 

Struggling learners follow the same progression, but at their own pace and with workbook support.

Phonological, Structured Literacy wheel with student reading

Structured Literacy

The specialist resource for non-specialists

Every activity on StepsWeb is research-based – even the games!  And the structured literacy progression is absolutely in line with Science of Reading principles, including systematic and cumulative teaching, advanced diagnostic capabilities and plenty of explicit teaching opportunities and resources. 

Enable every learner, including dyslexic and other struggling learners, to succeed in literacy with research-proven activities and resources. 


Intuitive Reporting

Watch literacy results soar to new heights!

Teachers can easily and effectively track their students’ progress and accuracy – not only for reading and spelling, but also for comprehension and vocabulary, phonological awareness and phonic knowledge. 

StepsWeb automatically generates a range of diagnostic information to enable teachers to easily report on their students’ progress, but also for senior staff to monitor effectiveness throughout the school. 

You’ll also receive a weekly email telling you everything you need to know about your own students’ progress and achievements. 

Literacy teacher giving explicit instruction to student

What StepsWeb looks like in the classroom

Research shows that students who meet their weekly goals achieve outstanding results! 

Students are automatically set a weekly goal tailored to their needs.  Just ensuring that each student meets their goals will guarantee outstanding results. 

StepsWeb is flexible and can easily be integrated into your literacy curriculum.  New students take a Placement Test and are automatically placed at the right level of the structured Course. 

Each learner works through activities at their own level and speed – and can access StepsWeb from home as well as from school.   Teachers can monitor and manage their performance live – even at a distance! 

Check out our teachers' favourite tools

Reward hard work and success
Comprehensive Reporting
Keep track of your students' progress
Assigning Work
Assign work to provide extra reinforcement
Student Printables
One click prints a named, differentiated worksheet of your choice for every student
Custom Wordlists
Personalise your teaching by adding your own lists - in any alphabetic language
Individual Reinforcement
Students receive automatic reinforcement tailored to their needs
Live Student Monitoring
See what your students are doing in real-time
Engaging Activities
Every activity is research-based - even the games!
Extra reinforcement for Foundation and struggling learners
Logging in Options
Make logging in quick and easy
Choice of Accents
Choose from a New Zealand, British or Australian accent
Student Simulator
Allows teachers to see and experience StepsWeb from the student's point of view
Young student with StepsWeb program and workbook

Early Literacy

Primary teachers can access a whole range of games and activities.


  • Phonological awareness.
  • Phonic knowledge and skills.
  • Reading fluency.
  • Alphabet knowledge.
  • Days and Months.
  • Memory skills.

Foundation and struggling learners benefit most when using the StepsWeb workbooks alongside the online Course.

Older learner with StepsWeb laptop

Extension Learners

Learners with an advanced level of literacy have access to a wide range of content.

As well as working at the appropriate level on the Course, your older or more advanced learners can work through word study materials covering homophones, prefixes and suffixes, word roots, vocabulary building and grammar points.

Try StepsWeb for free

1. Start a free trial

Sign up for our 14 day free trial and add your students to the program.  

2. Familiarise yourself

Explore the educator login - have a play!  You could even assign some activities and games.

3. Place students on the Course

Have your class login to their StepsWeb accounts and take the Placement test - and they’re on their way!