StepsWeb for your whole school


Although StepsWeb is ideal for dyslexic and other struggling students, schools are increasingly using it for all their students.

StepsWeb enables every learner to follow a structured literacy progression, but to work at his or her own level and speed.

Class teachers can set and monitor work remotely – ideal for homework or lockdowns!

Don’t wait for them to ‘fail’ and then try to ‘fix’ them! Enable every learner to succeed. Provide the extra structure and reinforcement which many learners need in the early stages and stop them falling through the gaps in the first place.


StepsWeb Structured Literacy Course

The structured literacy Course goes from the very beginnings of literacy to a level which would challenge most high-school learners.

There is a strong emphasis on building vocabulary and comprehension at every level.

The Course is suitable as a core literacy progression for schools. Every learner in the class can work at their own level – with continuity from one year to the next.

Struggling learners follow the same progression, but at their own pace and with workbook support.

Introduction to the Course

An initial test analyses each learner’s literacy level and places the learner on the right level of the Course. It’s a normed, standardized test, which will also give you a Spelling Age and the test can be repeated to check progress.

After every 4-5 units, StepsWeb automatically analyses each learner’s errors and creates individualized reinforcement – complete with online activities and printable materials.


Individual Wordlists

Tap into the existing Wordlists section to reinforce any phonic pattern or rule.
You can also display the screen on your data projector to use StepsWeb as a whole-class presentation tool.

Do activities together to develop a genuine understanding of word or sentence structure, phonic patterns, rules and many more aspects.

Annies space words

If a particular topic isn’t already included, you can quickly and easily make your own – complete with word, sentence, definition and even image.

This will give you a range of online activities, plus worksheets and hands-on games which can be used year after year.

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Early Literacy

Primary teachers can access a whole range of games and activities including:

  • Phonological awareness.
  • Phonic knowledge and skills.
  • Reading fluency.
  • Alphabet knowledge.
  • Days and Months.
  • Memory skills.
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Extension learners

As well as working at the appropriate level on the Course, your older or more advanced learners can work through word study materials covering homophones, prefixes and suffixes, word roots, vocabulary building and grammar points.

“Over many years I have used the programme ….. with consistently good results. The programme is so well designed and is presented in a format that allows students to focus on their individual learning needs.

”As well as measurable improvements in their academic learning, all students have shown huge increases in their self-esteem, confidence, ability to focus and concentrate on their learning.”

Helen Heggie, Specialist Tutor