Why Steps?

Steps is an effective, easy-to-use, computer-based literacy development program
suitable for all levels, from early readers to adults – as well as English language learners.

Teacher standing at whiteboard with StepsWeb laptops in foreground

How it works

StepsWeb stands out because it works on many levels. Research shows the need for a structured literacy approach...

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StepsWeb student laptop and desktop reading activity

What makes us different

The StepsWeb Course offers a time-efficient and cost-effective structured literacy approach...

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Scarborough's Reading Rope with kids reading

Structured Literacy & Science of Reading

StepsWeb is one of the leading examples of Structured Literacy principles...

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The 5 Big Ideas in Beginning Reading

StepsWeb provides a structured, cumulative approach to literacy, which encompasses and develops the five key...

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Remedial Learners

StepsWeb enables every learner to succeed by providing an approach which is...

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Comprehensive reporting

StepsWeb will tell you everything you need to know about individual users. For any selected time-period, you will...

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Below are some of the testimonials that we have received from our satisfied parents, Schools and Tutors...

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StepsWeb laptop, workbooks, and literacy resources


Prices vary depending on number of licences purchased. Plus tax where applicable....

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