How can I use StepsWeb?

You can use StepsWeb in lots of ways to support your child’s learning.

There is a structured literacy Course, which your child can follow, but it is easy to customize the program to support different aspects of the curriculum.


“Since starting StepsWeb, my child’s confidence with spelling has dramatically increased.

He now loves to read by himself at night in bed and his fluency has increased.”

Cassandra Shields, Parent

Structured Literacy Course

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An initial test will analyse your child’s literacy level and place them on the right level of the Course.

Your child will then automatically progress through each level, developing the core skills needed for:

  • Reading and spelling.
  • Comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Phonic knowledge and skills.

Unique Feature: 
StepsWeb continually analyses each user’s errors and creates individualized reinforcement – online and printable.

Individual Spelling Lists

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There are hundreds of individual lists, covering every spelling rule or pattern. It's also really easy to create your own!

When your child comes home from school with a spelling list to learn, you can enter the list into StepsWeb for them to practise.

As well as using the existing content, you can add and record your own words, sentences and definitions – and even add images. StepsWeb will then create dozens of online and printable activities for that list.

Handy Hint: 
Look through your child’s writing and pick out words which keep catching them out. Make a personal StepsWeb list with these words and your child will learn them in no time!

Basic Skills

Basic Skills

Learn and practice core skills, including:

  • Alphabet skills and letter formation.
  • Phonological and phonic skills.
  • Days, months, colours, numbers.
  • Memory skills.

Huge range of educationally sound, but enjoyable activities and games.

“We’d like to commend you on this wonderful learning programme. It has been a revelation in our world.”

Shelley Clarke, Parent

Advanced Content

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StepsWeb caters for every level of literacy – right up to tertiary level.