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StepsWeb Workbooks

We recommend the workbooks are used in conjunction with the StepsWeb online program.

Our workbooks have been designed and created to compliment the online Course.  They provide additional reinforcement which directly correlates with Foundation Levels A-D and Levels 1-12 online.  You will find your Foundation and struggling learners benefit the most when using both.  However, the workbooks are also effective resources by themselves. 



Address the needs of all your learners

Address the needs of all your learners

Independent learners
Will make excellent progress with just the online structured literacy progression.
Workbooks are not necessary for these learners.
Need some support
More reinforcement and written transfer needed as well as the online Course.
Medium and high needs
Workbook and possibly hands-on resources as well as the online Course.
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Who needs workbooks?

We strongly recommend Foundation and struggling learners use StepsWeb workbooks with the StepsWeb online Course.

Learners who are not particularly behind, but who may need a little extra reinforcement will benefit from using the workbooks. 

We strongly recommend that dyslexic and other struggling learners use the StepsWeb workbooks as well as the online program.  High need learners would also benefit from using our hands-on resources and game sets.

Reinforce literacy skills

Our workbooks reinforce important skills to develop literacy in a fun and thought-provoking way. Workbooks directly reinforce each Level of the online Course.

Choosing the right workbook

1. Log into your Educator account

Haven’t got a StepsWeb account? Start a free trial and have your student take the Placement test or contact us.

2. See what level your learner is on

Go into ‘Manage Students’ or ‘Manage Classes’, select your student/class and scroll down to see their current Level on the StepsWeb Course. You can also download our unit 1 samples for free below to try before you buy.

3. Purchase from the Store

Click the Store button on your Educator welcome screen. Choose the workbooks that match your student’s level. Workbook prices are $12 plus GST in New Zealand. For international prices please contact


Having any trouble, or still unsure? Contact us

Need a preview?

The first unit of each workbook is available for free to download.

Workbook Answers and Dictation Sentences

Workbooks 1-12 Answers