Case Studies


Henderson Valley School

In 2013, Henderson Valley School, a semi-rural school of 400 pupils started using the Steps program. The SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator) was looking for a program that could help SEN (Special Education Needs) students excel in literacy learning at their own pace.

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Samoan Pilot Programme

Steps is being used for a pilot project in four schools in Samoa, two primary-intermediate schools and two high schools. Paul Henriques, dyslexic himself and Pacific Islands Steps Trainer and Director of Dyslexia Aid, is working with the Samoan Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC) on this new initiative.

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Glenfield work

Glenfield College

Glenfield College used the individual programme on a 1:1 basis with students who had significant learning disabilities and found that the students loved the highly structured, multi-sensory qualities of the programme.

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