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"I cannot praise this program highly enough. My students love it and are making great progress - they love it as much as I do. We are seriously seeing some amazing engagement and improvement across the board."
- Chris S.

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Student Features:
Develops the core skills needed for both reading and spelling.
Strong emphasis on reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Every word seen and used in context.
Motivating format. Students see their goals and progress. Earn medals and certificates.
Varied, enjoyable activities, including games to develop phonological awareness, phonemic skills and memory.
Continuity through the school. One year’s progress automatically carries into the next.
Use StepsWeb from any location – and on any device.
Holiday reinforcement program available.
Can be customised to support any aspect of the curriculum – or a student’s individual needs.
Teacher Features:
Caters for all your students – struggling, extension, dyslexic...
Easily manage your students’ learning – even when they’re all on different levels.
Stop learners falling through the gaps – give all students the right approach from the start.
Detailed diagnostic information. Know each student’s strengths and weaknesses.
Easily monitor student progress. Notifications, weekly reports and ability to monitor live.
Visual Recognition Test – identify whether your students are able to use the right part of the brain for reading fluency.
Printable worksheets and games for every wordlist – even ones you create yourself.
Print named, differentiated worksheets for your whole class – with one click of a button.
Easily create a complete wordbank for your class or school – or lists for individual students.
Ideal for English language learners.

Workbooks and Game Sets

The ‘Store’ button on your educator login gives you access to a huge range of additional resources, including workbooks which directly support the Course.  These workbooks are strongly recommended for students on the Foundation Levels (A – D) or for struggling learners at higher levels.  StepsWeb will tell you which workbook each student needs, based on their Course Level.  E.g:  Student on Level 3 will need Workbook 3.

Our hands-on Game Sets are particularly effective for teaching your younger learners or older remedial students.  They can be used in literally hundreds of ways (ideas and teaching instructions included!) and provide variety, enjoyment – and much-needed reinforcement.

There is even a range of colourful, engaging wall charts to brighten up your classroom walls and provide important reference materials for your learners.