How it works

How it works


Computer screens with spelling accuracy reports

Focus on teaching, not on admin

  • No more setting or marking weekly spelling tests.
  • No more hours of filling in spreadsheets.
  • No more wondering if the material suits all your students’ needs.

The StepsWeb Course offers a time-efficient and cost-effective structured literacy approach, which is proven to develop students’ processing skills and cognitive efficiency.

StepsWeb provides a comprehensive literacy program for your entire school, with automatic analysis of each student's level and needs. 

First Steps

First Steps

Sign in
Sign into your Educator account.
Add students
The educator can add students and create classes.  Students can also be imported in bulk.
Students take Placement Test
The Placement Test analyses each student's literacy knowledge and places them on the right level of the structured literacy Course.
Students complete their weekly goals
Students then continue on the Course, completing activities and reaching their weekly goals. 
Reporting and monitoring progress
Teachers receive detailed reports of each student's progress and diagnostic information about individual needs.
The circular progression-01

Continual Reinforcement

The Circular Progression model.

As learners progress through the online Course, they are constantly being monitored.  The programme will automatically assign them extra reinforcement for words that require more practice before moving forward.  

This can also be demonstrated by the Circular Progression model where words, patterns, sounds, and concepts are taught, practised, checked and, if necessary, reinforced.

Phonological structured literacy wheel with teaching principles

Structured Approach

StepsWeb supports a structured literacy approach with its systematic Course, diagnostic capabilities, and explicit teaching resources.

The educational content within StepsWeb is based upon structured literacy principles.  As such, StepsWeb provides a research-proven tool for teachers, which improves their ability to effectively teach their whole class, including struggling and dyslexic learners.  StepsWeb enables all students to become successful readers and spellers.


Literacy Course for your whole school

Reduce your teachers' workload!

More and more schools are using StepsWeb as their primary literacy programme across the whole school.

StepsWeb automatically does the hard work for you.  That means teachers no longer have to set or mark weekly spelling tests, are no longer continually uploading student data and can feel confident that their material will suit every student's literacy level.  Teachers can also customise StepsWeb as much, or as little as they want.

laptop and workbooks

And StepsWeb has much more!

As well as the structured literacy Course, StepsWeb contains thousands of individual wordlists, covering spelling patterns and rules, prefixes, suffixes, grammar, word study, word families, topics and much more!    It’s easy for teachers to find and assign additional wordlists for specific purposes, including lists they’ve created themselves.

There are also Supporting Activity and Games sections, with a wide range of activities to reinforce phonological awareness, phonic knowledge, memory skills, verbal reasoning and even common knowledge, such as alphabet sequencing or months of the year.

What Educators say

Chris Skrzypko – St George Preca Catholic school, Melbourne   

"I cannot praise this program highly enough. My students love it and are making great progress - they love it as much as I do!
We are seriously seeing some amazing engagement with the students I'm currently supporting and it is just so good to see the smiles on their faces when they achieve a 'gold' medal, not to mention the improvement we are seeing across the board.  "
Kerry (Teacher)

"I check EVERY day and know that every student in my year is provided with a personalised and supportive spelling programme.

I love the line graphs which are so easy to understand and show me student progress.  Allowing me to have supportive learning conversations with each child."
Tracey F. (Teacher)

"I am very impressed with the progress my students are experiencing as a result of using StepWeb as a classroom resource.

As a teacher, I appreciate the individuality of the lessons and how they are tailored to my student's needs, the structure of the lessons, how they build on previous knowledge, and the level of mastery required for a student to move on."

- From Trustpilot