Comprehensive Reporting

Manage Students profile 1-1

Student Profiles

StepsWeb will tell you everything you need to know about individual users.  

For any selected time-period, you will be able to see and print a profile which gives you:

  • How many medals the learner has achieved.
  • Exactly how they have spent their time!
  • Any work which has been done or assigned.
  • Detailed logs, including every error made.

You will be informed of your student’s accuracy for:

  • Reading and Spelling.
  • Comprehension and Language.
  • Phonic Knowledge and Skills.

You’ll also be able to see test results and any certificates gained by the student.

The Student Profile can be printed out and sent to parents or incorporated into your class records.

Don’t forget that StepsWeb is constantly analysing each learner on the Course and automatically creating individualized reinforcement – online and printable


Class Reports

Students can be put into any number of classes or groups.  This enables you to see at a glance where every student is in the Course.

You’ll be able to click on any one of these individual squares to see the background detail.

Class Accuracy

As a class teacher or specialist tutor, you can set your own criteria for usage and accuracy.  The Class Accuracy Report will show you any students who are not reading the accuracy criteria.

Manage Classes Summary Page

You’ll also see at a glance which students aren’t meeting your usage criteria or haven’t completed assigned work.

The Class reports enable a class teacher or tutor
to easily manage a group of learners, each on their own level.
This enables every learner to work at his or her own speed.

Spelling Test 3


When a new learner goes onto StepsWeb for the first time, they will normally take a Spelling/Placement Test, which will give you a spelling age and also put the learner automatically onto the right level of the structured literacy Course.

The B version of the test can be re-set later to check on progress.

Test results-1

Visual Recognition Test

StepsWeb also includes a unique test which measures how many milliseconds it takes a learner to visually recognise a known word.  

This is an indicator of whether the learner can utilize the Visual Word Form Area of the left hemisphere of the brain.  This shows whether the learner is still reliant on conscious decoding strategies or has reached the stage of genuine reading fluency.