Understanding Dyslexia - Overview Webinar

    This webinar explains what dyslexia is and covers aspects which are particularly important for parents and teachers to be aware of.
    65 min | October 6th 2022 | 5:30PM NZDT | 3:30PM AEDT
    Webinar – Understanding Dyslexia - Overview
    Presented by Ros Lugg
    • Dyslexia or Specific Learning Disability?
    • Intellectual patterns - dyslexia versus low ability.
    • Neurological basis – dyslexia and the brain.
    • Definitions and labels.
    • Patterns of processing difficulty – the Big Five.
    • Indicators and strengths.
    • Common language problems.
    • Dyslexia and behaviour.
    • School accommodations and approaches – assistive technology.
    • Things that can go wrong (with the best of intentions!).
    • How we can most help our dyslexic learners.
    Outcome: You will develop more of an understanding of what dyslexia is (and isn’t!) and feel more confident about your ability to understand and cater for your students’ (or your own childrens’) needs.

    Ros Lugg

    Ros is a leading NZ literacy and dyslexia specialist with extensive experience as a teacher trainer and conference presenter internationally. As well as being a qualified assessor, who has done over 3,000 full cognitive/educational assessments of all ages, she wrote the educational content of StepsWeb and its supporting resources. StepsWeb is now being used in over 1,200 schools.

    Ros also has the experience of being both mother and grandmother of dyslexics, which has given her a personal passion for supporting families, schools and of course learners themselves.