Lockdown Literacy Webinar Series

    This 3-part series aims to show you how to get the most out of using StepsWeb while teaching remotely.  It was created as a prompt response to the New Zealand Level 4 lockdowns that occured in 2021.

    44min | August 24th 2021 | 3:15PM NZT
    Webinar 1
    Presented by Ros Lugg
    • Getting the most out of StepsWeb while teaching remotely.
    • Support ideas.
    42min | August 31st 2021 | 3:15PM NZT
    Webinar 2
    Presented by Ros Lugg
    • Providing more information on some of the topics raised in the first webinar.
    • Closer look at managing and monitoring your students, with an emphasis on addressing individual needs.
    43min | September 7th 2021 | 3:15PM NZT
    Webinar 3
    Presented by Ros Lugg
    • An overview of creating content to support subject learning.
    • Suggestions on class teaching/management in a remote-learning situation.
    • Plus any questions that come up in the meantime.

    Ros Lugg

    Ros is a leading NZ literacy and dyslexia specialist with extensive experience as a teacher trainer and conference presenter internationally. As well as being a qualified assessor, who has done over 3,000 full cognitive/educational assessments of all ages, she wrote the educational content of StepsWeb and its supporting resources. StepsWeb is now being used in over 1,200 schools.

    Ros also has the experience of being both mother and grandmother of dyslexics, which has given her a personal passion for supporting families, schools and of course learners themselves.