Literacy Development Webinar Series

    This 3-part series aims to give you a research-based understanding of how literacy develops, why some learners struggle and how we can prevent them from falling through the gaps.

    60min | March 8th 2021 | 3:30PM NZT
    Webinar 1 –Key Stages
    Presented by Ros Lugg
    • Five Big Ideas in Beginning Reading – why they’re so important.
    • Methodology debate, including understanding ‘The Code’ and its role.
    • Intro to processing and perceptual skills needed for literacy.
    • Key phases of literacy development.
    • Neurological basis, including Visual Word Form Area and difficulties related to dyslexia.

    Outcome: You will understand the research behind literacy development, the stages learners go through and what processing/perceptual skills are needed for each stage.

    60min | April 12th 2021 | 3:30PM NZT
    Webinar 2 – Struggling Readers
    Presented by Ros Lugg
    • Why some succeed (regardless of method!) and some fail. The 60%/40% balance.
    • Pattern of difficulties in dyslexia (relevant for all struggling readers).
    • Five Big Ideas in Beginning Reading – identifying the gaps.
    • Processing and perceptual skills, including phonological awareness, visual perception, memory and processing speed.
    • Introduction to the ‘Reading Ladder’.

    Outcome: You will develop a greater understanding of ‘why’ some children are failing, and greater confidence in your ability to cater for their needs.

    60min | May 10th 2021 | 3:30PM NZT
    Webinar 3 – Eight’s too late!
    Presented by Ros Lugg
    • Learn how to stop your learners falling through the gaps in the first place.
    • Identify struggling readers early.
    • Provide effective remediation – even within current resource constraints and with older learners.
    • Response to Intervention and the Four Tier Model. How to prioritise scarce resourcing.
    • Re-visit the ‘Reading Ladder’ – and learn how to use it effectively.

    Outcome: You will gain confidence with research-based methodology and learn how to put in place a school-wide programme to improve literacy outcomes – for all learners.


    Ros Lugg

    Ros is a leading NZ literacy and dyslexia specialist with extensive experience as a teacher trainer and conference presenter internationally. As well as being a qualified assessor, who has done over 3,000 full cognitive/educational assessments of all ages, she wrote the educational content of StepsWeb and its supporting resources. StepsWeb is now being used in over 1,000 NZ schools and a growing number internationally.

    Ros also has the experience of being both mother and grandmother of dyslexics, which has given her a personal passion for supporting families, schools and of course learners themselves.