St Joseph's School (Orakei)

St. Joseph’s is a Catholic Primary School Y0-Y6, situated in Orakei, Auckland.

The students' ethnicities consist of: African/African Origins, NZ European, NZ Māori, Australian, Chinese, Samoan, Latin American/Hispanic, Tongan, Other South East Asian, British/Irish

81 students

Decile 6

Aged 5-11

52 student logins
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Why StepsWeb?

St. Joseph’s recognised a need to provide structured literacy intervention for students who they had identified required further support in spelling, phonological awareness as well as providing additional help to their ESOL students. Following the recommendation from a teacher who had previously used StepsWeb, they implemented the programme at the start of 2021.

Starting with small groups of learners from Year 2 to Year 6, StepsWeb was introduced as a supplement to their learning. Not only did they see a marked improvement in their spelling, reading and writing, but they also noticed a change in their students’ enthusiasm and confidence. Due to the programme’s success, the use of StepsWeb expanded throughout the school and became a useful tool for whole-school and remote learning.

The school chose StepsWeb as they felt it would greatly benefit their students from Y1-6 who needed support with:

  • Reading and Spelling
  • Learning difficulties
  • English as an additional language
  • Phonological awareness
  • Comprehension and Vocabulary

How StepsWeb was implemented

StepsWeb was introduced to St. Joseph’s by a teacher, Pam Robertson, in 2021 after setting the programme up in two previous schools she’s taught at. Pam had been using StepsWeb since 2013 after receiving training to use the programme.

After using StepsWeb 30 minutes everyday, either individually or within groups, Pam had seen “excellent success for all students on the programme” with students from Year 3 through to Year 6, especially for those students ‘at risk’ in both reading and writing. During that time, Pam saw student engagement and confidence grow as they maintained continued progress using StepsWeb.


To see the St. Joseph's School journey in more detail, download the full PDF.


"Setting up and implementing StepsWeb in the school was quick and easy."

StepsWeb features used by St. Joseph's


Standardised spelling test



Online Programme

Teacher reporting


Games & additional resources

Teacher training webinars


"We saw some children achieve up to four levels in the year and a huge boost to their confidence. Our parents were also very happy to see their children making progress and enjoying the programme."

Pam Robertson - class teacher

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Key Findings

  • All children in the programme showed progress.

  • Parents are happy and satisfied their children are being helped in a meaningful way.

  • An improved confidence boost to writing, reading and spelling.

  • Quick and easy to set up.

  • Training and help are readily available. The online webinar series is extremely beneficial.

  • Works well in the classroom or remotely.

  • Is compatible with chromebooks, Mac, Windows and Android.

  • Students are engaged with the programme and are incentivized to do well to receive gold medals. Learners are rarely bored.

  • The whole programme has worked well and is comprehensive - computer work, books and games.

  • Programme is affordable.

  • The programme suits a variety of learning styles - visual, hearing and kinaesthetic learners. Students are tested and put into their level immediately. The work is tailored to the needs of the child.

"My students enjoy doing their StepsWeb work. Very rarely do I have to remind them to do their StepsWeb work after play. They particularly love the games and play these with other children in the class."

Pam Robertson - class teacher

Steps to Success

In Term 3 the students from Room 6 spent 61 hours on StepsWeb activities and nearly all students saw an accelerated progress in literacy.

100% of students from Room 6 showed progress with an average of 1 ½ years after just 6 months of using StepsWeb.

An ESOL student increased by over 1 year in spelling age after just 6 months of StepsWeb.

Download the full PDF version of the St. Joseph's Case Study so you can see their students' results in detail.



St. Joseph’s was looking for a literacy programme that could keep their students engaged and meet the literacy needs of their struggling learners. After seeing the success of StepsWeb in their student’s test results, improved confidence and enthusiasm, St. Joseph’s extended the programme to include more students within their school.

St. Joseph's saw improvements in the following areas:
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Phonological awareness
  • Engagement and confidence towards students’ own learning

StepsWeb met their needs and exceeded their expectations once they saw excellent progress with not only their struggling learners, but for all students on the programme.

St. Joseph’s plans to continue changing lives by improving literacy by using StepsWeb within their school next year.

Happy Parents

Happy Teachers


Happy Learners


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"StepsWeb has brought a new air of excitement for learning and achievement to our school, in the area of spelling and reading especially.

Students have been highly engaged and show commitment to the programme. This has been able to continue during level 3 and 4 lockdown times away from school. The students are motivated by the programme itself, but also through the knowledge they are given of their progress.

It is easy to manage, and children can work independently in class, or be supported in a breakout room with a Teacher Aide.

In one year it has already made a noticeable difference to our learners, particularly those who have struggled throughout Primary School in the area of literacy.

We will certainly be continuing with this programme next year."

Sue Bennett - Principal
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Advice from StepsWeb

Structured Course - A logical literacy progression for every learner in your class. No more reinventing the wheel – or setting and marking spelling tests! Easily teach and monitor learners working at their own individual levels – one of the most important ways to stop struggling learners from falling through the gaps.

Use existing wordlists or customise your own - Reinforce any phonic pattern, rule or a specific topic you are covering in class - in any alphabetic language! StepsWeb will create a range of online and printable reinforcement - even for lists you create yourself!

Core literacy skills - Already built into the Course and supporting activities for younger or struggling learners: phonological awareness, phonic knowledge and skills, reading fluency, days and months, and memory skills. Ideal for dyslexic learners.

Extension learners - As well as the higher Course levels, your more advanced learners can work through word study materials. Homophones, prefixes and suffixes, word roots, vocabulary – and much more!

Supporting Teachers

StepsWeb makes it easy to manage your budget - Cost-effective and flexible. As well as giving you extensive diagnostic information about your learners, your educator login enables you to add student licences at any point (charged pro-rata for remaining time on your licence). You can also deactivate or delete students and re-allocate their licence to a different student.

Support and training - Online PD, webinars and Support Site articles will help you get familiar with StepsWeb, but Zoom training can easily be arranged. Full technical support is available, of course, but you can also consult our leading education experts for specific advice if necessary.

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StepsWeb is suitable for:


Windows & Mac

Tablets - Andriod & IOS