Changing lives by
improving literacy
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Changing lives by
improving literacy

Leading online literacy program which adapts to each learner
and practises all the core skills needed for reading and spelling.

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We have helped 300,000+ students

1200+ schools currently use StepsWeb

1000s of wordlists - you can even add your own!

Research-based structured approach

StepsWeb supports

Science of Reading & Structured Literacy

Leading online literacy program which caters for all learners

Develop the core skills needed for reading and spelling in a way which is research-based and comprehensive - but also effective and enjoyable!

Spend less time marking and more time teaching

StepsWeb analyses each learner’s literacy level and puts them on the right level of a structured literacy course. It will continually analyse each learner’s errors and create individualised reinforcement – online and printable.

Based on Research

All of our activities are research based - even the games!

StepsWeb has a strong emphasis on phonological awareness and phonic knowledge. Activities also build automaticity and reading fluency by developing orthographic mapping skills.

A range of enjoyable memory games develop visual memory, auditory sequential memory and working memory.


Leading online literacy and language program which caters for all learners.



"Wow - Steps is awesome! Our son has just been diagnosed with severe dyslexia and this is the first programme I have seen that seems to really get how dyslexics think and what they need." - Claire W. (Parent)

Follow a structured online Course

The StepsWeb Course follows a structured, research-based progression that develops the underlying processing skills at the same time as developing literacy knowledge. 

Workbooks that align

Foundation Level and struggling learners benefit the most from using StepsWeb workbooks alongside the online Course.

Focusing on handwriting, phonological awareness, spelling, reading comprehension, grammar points and writing.

For the whole school

StepsWeb is a popular solution for whole school use. Offering an adaptive literacy progression which caters to all learners, from remedial to extension. 

Discover how StepsWeb can improve literacy outcomes for your students.

Comprehensive Reporting

You can see at a glance how your students are progressing on the StepsWeb Course.  With spelling age gains, and accuracy readings on: 

  • Reading and spelling 
  • Comprehension and knowledge 
  • Phonic knowledge and skills 

Additionally, educators will receive a weekly report allowing you to quickly identify whether students are meeting their targets and which students need assistance.

What makes us different?

StepsWeb has a strong emphasis on processing and perceptual skills, caters for all, and is ideal for dyslexic and other struggling learners.

Diagnostic and intuitive

When a new learner starts StepsWeb, they will take a Placement Test, which will give you a spelling age and also put the learner automatically onto the right level of the structured literacy Course.

Customisable Content

Our Custom Wordlists allow you to add your own words, images and voice recording so you can personalise your lessons.

Try StepsWeb for free

1. Start a free trial

Sign up for our 14 day free trial and add your students to the program.  

2. Familiarise yourself

Explore the educator login - have a play!  You could even assign some activities and games.

3. Place students on the Course

Have your class login to their StepsWeb accounts and take the Placement test - and they’re on their way!


Gillian D. (Teacher)

"StepsWeb are really responsive to customer queries and present a dynamic product that caters well for NZ student needs. It aligns well with the NZ Curriculum, is engaging for students without losing integrity of intent.
I love that there is room to tailor the programme to meet needs while also being able to rely on it running itself."
Sue Bennett, (Principal)

"StepsWeb has brought a new air of excitement for learning and achievement to our school, in the area of spelling and reading especially.

In one year it has already made a noticeable difference to our learners, particularly those who have struggled throughout Primary School in the area of literacy."
Cassandra S. (Parent)

"Since starting Steps, my child’s confidence with spelling has been dramatically increased. He now loves to read by himself at night in bed and his fluency has increased.

It is lovely to see his confidence in reading, spelling and writing has risen so much in just the last two months."
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